First Posting—24 (possible) Causes of Parkinson’s Disease


Welcome to Parkinson’s Destiny wherein I hope to share my experiences, hopes, and fears living with this difficult dis-ease frequency from deep within the brain. 

Call me Bardo Mountjoy—not my real name—so that I can rail at neurologists, the mainstream beliefs about Parkinson’s Disease (PD or pd), and even Fate (not a good idea) with an Internet disguise.

I was diagnosed in January 2005 at the tender of (for PD) of 54.  I am now almost 58 as I start this enterprise.  There is so much to “discuss”—especially my notions of PD’s origins, causes, and spiritual underpinnings.

When I can I will keep my points brief, using lists as much as practical.   

I support the theories, findings, and energetic healing method (called Forceless Spontaneous Release or FSR—this is also called yin tui na)  of Janice Walton-Hadlock and her PD Recovery team at Five Branches Traditional Asian Medicine Clinic in Santa Cruz, California (read the two free downloadable books at

However, I have taken too many PD drugs (although I put up a campaign of resistance!) to go to Janice’s program in Santa Cruz.  In February of 2008, I made email overtures to the program—having read the two books—but they have amended their policy and no longer accept PDers who have taken any anti-PD meds (so called Dopamine-Enhancing Drugs—DEDs) for more than three weeks. 

This posting will list some of my thoughts about what mainstream neurological medicine claims to be mystified about: causes of PD.

For me, the foot injury that Janice W-H asserts is the root cause of a person’s PD (Yes, this sounds  strange—but READ THE BOOKS!!) probably happened to me at birth by sloppy handling by the obstetrician—thus I want to consider birth trauma as a cause of pd.  (More on this in coming posts.)

Here, then, is a partial list of some sources (I think) of my PD—these are ideas I will take up in future postings:

1.     unhealed foot injury

2.     toxic womb (alcohol and cigarettes)

3.     birth trauma

4.     lack of maternal nurturing—especially breast feeding, skin-to-skin contact, rhythmic activities such as rocking and singing, isolation

5.     emotional abuse in infancy (first three years of life)—which put the right and left amygdalas (important brain centers) on overload and prevented the proper growth of connective nerves in the corpus callosum

6.     “karma” from former lives

7.     unresolved traumatic deaths in former lives

8.     great fear and hurt in my mother (absorbed by me)

9.     being an “emotional empath”—absorbing others’ pain without good boundaries

10.                        ancestral problems passed down on both father and mother lines

11.                         wearing out my sympathetic nervous system (adrenaline based)—stuck in fight-or-flight

12.                         weakness in the limbic system

13.                         reversed stomach meridian (see Janice W-H’s work)

14.                         impaired gall bladder meridian putting the parasympathetic nervous system out of action (switching off the substantia nigra brain nucleus that makes dopamine—again see Janice W-H’s work)

15.                         habits of self-stimulation and self-isolation that lead to joylessness

16.                         other physical trauma to my body—head, jaw, neck, organ injuries

17.                         a dangerous lower back condition called a spondylosthesis (a gap between Lumbar 2 and 3 vertebrae) which occurred at birth—again from that sloppy obstetrician!

18.                         A lifetime of medical issues—“nervous breakdowns,” cluster headaches, a “bad back,” one kidney stone, polyp surgery to remove a large benign polyp from my sigmoid colon

19.                         dental mercury (a lot—now removed—but did its removal put mercury in my brain?)

20.                         other heavy metal toxicity

21.                         other exposure to environmental toxins

22.                         feeling and acting inhibited all my life—living in my head, being a “good boy,” finding it hard to be rhythmic

23.                         having a closed off heart (see the work of Janice W-H)

24.                         other causes I am discovering day by day…


I think that’s enough for now, dear reader, thanks


Bardo Mountjoy