26 (Spiritual) Practices for Those with Parkinson’s Disease

(And for Those Without)

By Bardo Mountjoy

29 September 2008


1.     Love yourself fully and deeply.  Be the love you need. Only you can feel your own connection to Love.

2.     Find your Beloved.  Love your Beloved with all your heart.

3.     Love your friends with generosity and joy.

4.     Make new friends all the time.

5.     Spend at least two hours outside a day (preferably with as much skin exposure as possible and in as natural a setting as possible).

6.     Drink lots of good water—lots.

7.     Learn to love breathing. Breathe fully to relax and let yourself go. Develop a daily conscious breathing practice of connected, even breaths—pull on the inhale and let go on the exhale. Preferably spend an hour in the morning and the evening doing this.  (Notice how shallow your breathing is “normally” when you are absorbed in a task such as reading, speaking, or concentrating.)

8.     Develop a morning and evening personal, private “spiritual” practice.  Cultivate energy in your body, experience the subtler “levels” of your being; realize you are a spiritual being having a “seemingly physical” experience here now on earth.

9.     Retire from your full-time job if you can to give yourself the time / space / energy to heal.

10.                         Give and receive as much “energy work” as you can—such as massage, Reiki, Integrative Manual Therapy, Rolfing, Trigger Point Therapy, acupuncture, Tui Na, Deep Tissue Massage, and many others.

11.                         Open up your heart in every way you can conceive.

12.                         Laugh. Laugh.  Laugh.

13.                         Give yourself as much Joy as you can.  Only you can feel your own joy.

14.                          Ask for help.

15.                          Take a warm bath morning and evening—and breathe.

16.                          Give yourself plenty of sleep.  Deep sleep heals.

17.                          Search for therapies that put you into deep sleep—the “still point” of deep healing.

18.                          Pray as often and deeply as you can.

19.                          Learn to sun gaze–look safely at the rising and setting sun.

20.                          Do ritual to honor your life, this planet, all beings, divine oneness; to honor the ceaseless opportunities to love, to feel joy, to find “the starry connection to the heavenly dynamo” (as poet Allen Ginsburg put it).

21.                          Allow animals such as pets to teach you the art of relaxing, letting go, and being fearless.

22.                          Give yourself the gift of nature every day—walk in it, explore it, breathe it in, study it, commune with it, be at one.

23.                          Keep your body alkaline.

24.                          Eschew caffeine.

25.                          If you’ve never taken PD drugs, go to www.pdrecovery.org and learn about healing PD energetically with “yin tui na” (Forceless Spontaneous Release).

26.                          If you take PD drugs, stick to the minimum.