Complementary Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease

(what’s helped for me—18 therapies)

Bardo Mountjoy

1 October 2008

(Google any terms if they’re new to you)


1.     Rebirthing Breathwork (conscious breathing)—I’ve done around 60 sessions with a breathworker and another 60 on my own.  Each session shows me more of my “stuff”—energy blocks, past trauma, “transpersonal” awareness.

2.     Chelation—using sodium EDTA—to rid the brain of metals (aluminum and lead and mercury for me).  This is a three-hour IV drip; have done 7 so far—up to 13 to go.  Each session seems to improve my sense of “well being.”

3.     Energy work, including
     Polarity Energy Work
     Deep Tissue Massage
     Trigger Point Massage
      I.M.T. (Integrative Manual Therapy)
     “Still Point” massage therapy

4.     Diet, as organic as possible, including lots of greens, lots of water, only “raw” or “living” milk, no sugar, no caffeine.

5.     Psychic healers—who offer insight into the “why’s” of PD, past lives issues, current issues, spiritual meaning, etc.

6.     Past Life Regression work, both with shamans and being coached / guided.

7.     Opening my heart—through guided imagery, imagination, and prayer.

8.     Forceless Spontaneous Release (FSR)—also known as “yin tui na”—which is trained “foot holding”—see the work of Janice Walton-Hadlock at (note—I take Parkinson’s drugs, so FSR has less effect.)

9.     Chiropractic—especially for my lower back spondylosthesis and my cervical vertebrae.

10.                          Acupuncture—especially to treat the stomach and gall bladder meridians.

11.                          The “Wet Cell” technology originated by Edgar Cayce in the 1930s (available from Barr Products).  I have used it for three months—puts you in a parasympathetic “still point” for deep healing.

12.                          Deep sleep at night—as naturally as I can, but includes the use of a prescribed sleep medication every third night.

13.                          Serving / helping others.

14.                          Loving as deeply, fully, and frequently as I can.

15.                          Two hours outside a day.

16.                          Time in nature.

17.                          Meditation.

18.                          The standard PD drug—carbidopa-levodopa—at a low dose.