My Top Ten PD Therapies for My PD

My Top Ten PD Therapies

By Bardo,   4 Jan 2009

Since my diagnosis of PD in January of 2005 at age 53, I have tried relentlessly to find out the causes and possible cure of this slow dopamine drain off to death.  Some days I’m proud of and excited by my considerable discoveries and experiences, others less so.  I’ve spent around $5,000 out of pocket in each of the past four years. Elsewhere I list the many factors I’ve come to regard as probable causes of my PD.  Here I list the ten best complementary therapies I’ve encountered thus far in my journey.


1.      Psychic healers / Shamans / Medical intuitives—folks who are skilled to look into the body, explain disease, and journey to other realms and dimensions to do “soul retrieval work.” These experiences open you to deep understanding about who you really are, what you are connected to, your past lives, your contract in this life, and how PD serves you.

2.      FSR (Forceless Spontaneous Release)—the technique of “foot holding” pioneered by Janice Walton-Hadlock in Santa Cruz, CA, beginning in 1996, adapted from the Yin Tui Na system of Traditional Asian Medicine massage (see two free 500-page books at the website 

3.      Energy work—including Reiki, IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy), Rolfing, Trigger Point Therapy, and various healing touch sessions offered by psychic healers and medical intuitives.

4.      Massage—including Deep Tissue, but any massage helps!

5.      Family Constellation Therapy—a system originated by Bert Hellinger (see that looks at family dynamics in your birth family and ancestors that affect your wellbeing.

6.      Emotional Release Work—any therapy that works with trauma stored in the body (including from birth, infancy, past lives, injuries, abuse, and more).  This includes Rebirthing Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Peer Primaling, expressing your rage in safe therapeutic ways.

7.      “Feeling Prayer”—working to feel the heart and to feel what you are praying (not just ask for what you want but to feel it—to imagine yourself healed, for instance).

8.      Movement—dance, swimming, chi gung, walking.

9.      Meditation + visualization + conscious breathing—working with even, connected breaths to imagine light coming into parts of your body—especially the heart and chakras.

10.    Spiritual Alignment—continuing to do all you can do to heal, to not become isolated, to stay in the flow of life, to laugh, to smile, to sing, to play, to make new friends, to keep old friends, to enjoy life, to reach out to others with PD, to love yourself, to love others, to love life (and to love PD!)!